Frank S. says:

It is with great pleasure that I share with you my impressions of Paul Burke and extol his extraordinary work at Mindful Bodywork. He and his amazing skills have enriched and benefited my life beyond my expectations. I have, in over 50 years as a dancer, experienced the bodywork of numerous practitioners, but to me, Paul is unquestionably the very best. I highly recommend him.

Bruce W, Ph,D. says:

Paul Burke, of Mindful Bodywork in Berkeley (and San Francisco), does the best work that I have experienced in 50 years. He works deeply on the part of the body that most needs it, and then shifts to the next part, and he can tell if you are loosening up or not over the previous week. He works wisely, with very strong hands, while - in some sense - 'teaching' the body better positions. (Almost like Rolfing, or Hellerwork, only painless!). Treat yourself! You and your body will both be happy, even joyful.

David M. says:

I would recommend Paul to anyone suffering from pain caused by an injury/spine/orthopedic condition. As someone who has seen literally 50 + massage therapists over the years, I can say Paul's approach is the most scientific and logical I have experienced. A little bit of my situation: I came to Paul suffering from Sciatica (pain down the leg) which was acting up due to a chronic issue I have with my low back. I was pretty bummed out because I had to take time off from the gym and running. While I have seen a number of chiropractors over the years and countless massage therapists, no one took the approach Paul did -- focusing on my posture and how my structural alignment tied into my muscles (which were tight from being overstressed because of the unevenness of my posture: and which were weak, etc). In the first session, he quickly saw that my hips were off their horizontal axis and my torso was slightly torqued to one side (a well known chiropractor in San Francisco saw me the week before and just adjusted me - he didn't get to this level of analysis). The first few sessions were about finding the causes for the imbalances, strength testing my related muscles and recommending exercises that were my 'homework'. The next few sessions were refining what I was working on. Long story short: my sciatica (pain) was gone after the first few sessions and I am still pain free. I have begun running again and have incorporated the exercises Paul gave me into my stretching routine. Even better, I now know what to look for if it acts up again and who to see to maintain my health. Thanks, Paul!

Ray M. says:

I have seen Paul on and off since an auto accident in 2005. I was grateful for the accident in a way, because seeing Paul helped resolve some strength issues that had been plaguing me since a broken neck in 1987. He has also successfully treated both my 80 year old mother and me for symptoms we thought were arthritis. The muscle testing technique he uses is quite new and not yet widely used, but it is amazing. Give this guy a try!

G.T. says:

I have absolute trust in Paul. His assessment and interventions on my aches and pains have been spot on. His help has improved my shoulder and back aches to the point where I am no longer handicapped after a full nights sleep (back) or a grueling tennis match (back and shoulder). His ability to understand cause and effect and target the cause rather than just the symptom is amazing and immediately effective. He notices connections between body parts and aches that I would never have thought of and amazingly, the results are felt immediately!! I completely endorse him.

P.R. says:

I have been receiving massage therapy from Paul Burke spanning a period of some 10 years for various occupational and sports related issues. His work has included many outstanding modalities such as myofascial, trigger point, and neurokinetic therapy to name a few. Throughout Mr. Burke has demonstrated not only a thorough, in depth understanding of each technique but also an unusual dedication to working through the issue brought by the client. The sessions include homework with custom designed exercises to reinforce the work done. Most outstanding is the efficacious nature of his approach as it is not uncommon that in one session major complaints are not only relieved but the underlying causes are rooted out and eliminated. His rates for a very generous hour are well below average for his skill if one is even to find such a gifted body worker and I have tried many!

B.A. says:

Paul has been my savior in the last 4 years. I have been dealing with chronic pain in my neck and shoulders and dysfunction of these muscles caused by an auto accident and two surgeries. Paul has helped me tremendously! He not only helped alleviate the pain and muscle spasm, but was able to address and treat some of the underlying problems with his neurokinetic therapy. His holistic treatments were what I couldn't find anywhere else.

C.R. says:

I had been experiencing pain in my wrist and hand for weeks and Paul relieved me of it with one treatment. It was amazing! The problem in my hand started at work with a computer desk top that was too small, causing me to move the mouse around the back of the key board. Thankfully a visit from OSHA resulted in a better work space, but I had already developed a painful wrist and hand. I thought this pain meant I had carpel tunnel syndrome and I was preparing to apply for workers compensations so I would be covered for medical treatment. When I talked to Paul about my problem he checked my hand, wrist, and arm and then began a deep massage between my shoulder and neck. After this the pain in my hand disappeared and never returned. I highly recommend Paul for people seeking relief from repetitive strain problems caused at work.

Gail S. says:

Paul is truly unique in his ability to assess and treat my issues. I'm a hairdresser and have hand, neck, back and hip problems. In just 4 sessions I'm feeling much better in my work environment. I'm so relieved I found him!

James D-G says:

During extended meditation retreat, I injured my right shoulder through over-extension during a yoga posture and had chronic pain from this. Through his expertise my injury was literally immediately alleviated and both meditation and yoga were no longer disrupted. I'm very grateful to Paul for his dedication to others.

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