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Paul Burke is away July 20 2016 until July of 2017

After careful consideration I have decided to enter into another year of long meditation retreat. As many of you know the internal energy work I am doing now arose in dependence upon a previous long meditation retreat I engaged in six years ago. This coining years practice will hopefully bare similar fruits I look forward to sharing with you when I return mid-July of 2017.

Mindful Bodywork

The Mindful Bodywork Technique combines energetic healing with intensive body work to relieve pain, restore mobility and balance the mind and emotions. Clients describe MBT as “transformative,” “nothing short of a miracle,” and many report dramatic improvements after only one session.

What to expect in your 60-minute session:

  • a brief check-in and assessment of your condition,
  • MBT energetic “reset”,
  • followed by 40-45 minutes of deep-tissue manual therapy, including ART (active release technique),
  • concluding with a reassessment of your condition and discussion about some suggested activities to support your wellness.
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