About Mindful Bodywork

Paul Burke, LMT, NKT & A.R.T.

20 years professional wellness clinic experience

Paul began massage therapy as a modern dancer by helping other dancers with their physical problems and injuries. He discovered that he not only enjoyed the work but was also pretty good at it. He received his basic CMT training and has since learned a diverse array of manual treatment modalities. His primary goal is to help his clients find lasting relief from their physical problems by utilizing the modalities best suited to the clients’ needs. Paul is well-known for his skill at relieving the pain and disability of a great variety of physical ailments and injuries, from car accidents to plantar fasciitis. He works with all kinds of clients, from prenatal mothers to high-performance athletes.

Through testing your muscles, assessing the alignment of your body, and discussing your condition, he will develop a therapy plan that not only addresses your particular needs, but also helps you achieve your wellness goals. Paul has specialist training in neuromuscular therapy (NMT), NeuroKinetic Therapy™ (NKT), and Active Release Technique (ART), all powerful healing methodologies that get to the root of muscular tightness and pain. Each treatment session draws on Paul’s long experience and diverse techniques to help you feel better and stronger.

Paul is also excellent at more traditional relaxing, rejuvenating, and therapeutic massage techniques, including Swedish, Esalen or deep-tissue massage. With this type of work, the goal is relaxation and mental peace.

Paul is an avid and dedicated student of Buddhist meditation. He enjoys running, has competed in several marathons and practices tai chi and yoga.

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